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12 Best Schema Markup Rich Snippet Plugins For WordPress

Make your blog posts SEO friendly using these schema rich snippet plugins

Top 5 Schema Markup Rich Snippet Plugins

  Schema Pro
  WP Review Pro
  Ultimate Blocks
  WPSSO Core

Looking for the best Schema Markup Plugin for WordPress? Here we have the list of the best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress that you can use on your site.

SEO is something that you can not ignore if you are managing an online business. You have to learn the best practices and implement them.

Along with Google, all other search engines are getting more sophisticated with time. So, you have to keep learning and improving your site to be in line with the changing SEO trend.

When we talk about SEO, the Schema markup or Schema is one of the most important topics that you will come across.

This can be slightly complicated for the newbie users when you start studying the Schema Markup and how it works and how it is implemented

Schema Markup has a larger impact on the search engine ranking for any site these days.

In this article, we will look at the basics of Schema Markup so that you have an idea of how it can help your website and we will look at the top Schema plugins. Banner

Top Schema Markup Rich Snippet Plugins

WP SEO Structured Data Schema


NitDit Score

Free Version


Min Price

WP SEO Structured Data Schema is a schema markup plugin that comes in a freemium model. You can use the free version to add multiple schema types to your site. It has over 40K active installtions.
RadiusTheme logo

Review Schema


NitDit Score

Free Version


Min Price

A comprehensive solution to add reviews to your website. You can use this plugin to allow your users to add reviews to your products. It comes with a long list of schema types and an automated schema generator.
Ultimate Blocks Logo

Ultimate Blocks


NitDit Score

Free Version


Min Price

Ultimate Blocks is a popular Gutenberg blocks plugin that comes with the Shema markup option. If you are managing a product review site, it will add the necessary markup for rich results.
WPSSO Core Logo



NitDit Score

Free Version


Min Price

WPSSO Core is a complete structured data markup plugin that will add all the necessary markup for search engines and social sites. It is a very handy plugin to improve the overall SEO of your site.
Schema Plugin Logo



NitDit Score

Free Version


Min Price

Schema is another comprehensive freemium schema markup plugin that will help you to add important structured data and enhance the overall performance of your site.
WP Rich Snippets Logo

WP Rich Snippets


NitDit Score

Free Version


Min Price

WP Rich Snippets is one of the widely used review plugins that add the important schema markup to make your reviews display rich results on the search result page.



NitDit Score

Free Version


Min Price

SNIP is a premium Schema markup plugin to add rich results for your reviews. It comes with article schema, product schema, and a number of other schema options to choose from.
All-In-One Schema Rich Snippet Logo

All-In-One Schema Rich Snippet


NitDit Score

Free Version


Min Price

With over 70K active installations, All-In-One Schema Rich Snippet is one of the most popular free schema markup plugins that can help you add the important markup and make your site rank better.

Five Star Business Profile and Schema


NitDit Score

Free Version


Min Price

Another quick and simple free plugin to add schema markup to your WordPress site. It gives you the option to add the markup to any WordPress page or post type.
Schema App Structured Data Logo

Schema App Structured Data


NitDit Score

Free Version


Min Price

A very simple plugin that will automatically create the required schema markup for all your pages and posts. It is a free plugin that you can install right from your WordPress dashboard.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is a structured data format that helps the search engines to understand your content better and is responsible for the rich snippets of websites that appear in search results.

It is basically a bunch of code that you enter into your website to make sure search engines display important and helpful information related to your website to your visitors. 

WordPress is a Content Management System that offers a certain level of robustness and reliability.

For Schema plugins, the name defines a lot. These kinds of plugins are specially developed to simplify the tedious tasks of incorporating schema markup for WordPress-based websites.   

From compressing the content of your website to developing a feature-rich snippet, Schema Markup Plugins are all about raising your search engine rankings. Coding for Schema markup and adding schema content manually is a very tedious task. 

Why is Schema Markup Plugins Important?

Let’s take an insight into the benefits and importance of Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress websites:

It Helps in Adding Schema Markup Easily

One of the obvious benefits of using a Scheme plugin is that it will help you to add the required markup to your WordPress site easily.

So, you don’t have to go through all those technical steps to add that manually to your site.

Often just named “Schema”, Schema Markups are a set of organized functions that search engines use in order to generate information-packed, rich snippets in search engine result pages.

It Helps Search Engines with The Context of Your Content

When you expect machines to understand your content, you will have to make it as easy as possible so that there is no doubt about the bots.

Search engines can only read out your website’s backend codes. For ranking, you will have to rely on the algorithm for the search engine and your website’s context.

Schema streamlines this complexity with a lot of ease for your search engine. When any crawler enters your website,

The schema plugins help them in structuring the content of your website.

It Boosts Your CTRs and Ranks by Showing Rich Snippet

Having a schema plugin not only helps you in boosting your website’s ranking, but it even boosts your click-through rate.

In order to make it big on the internet, having good CTRs is very important. Search engines these days closely monitor your website’s CTR while ranking as well.

The CTR tells the number of people who enter your websites by clicking on specific URLs compared to the number to see that URL.  

As the Schema plugin helps you to add the rich snippet for your content, your article will stand out in the search results increasing the overall click-through rate for your posts.

To give you a better perspective of the rich snippet and how it shows in the SERP, here is an example.

We have looked for the “best mexican chicken recipes”. Now have a look at the result page.


As you see in the image above, those sites with star ratings at the top and in the regular results have implemented rich snippet schema markup on their sit. So, these articles will certainly have a better CTR than other normal results on the page.

Like the recipe example above, you can implement rich snippet markup for a number of different article types. For example, book reviews, product reviews, person, companies, restaurants, and more.

Best Schema Markup Plugins For WordPress

We have listed the best Schema Markup plugins below that will help you to add the rich snippet to your site.


01. Schema Pro


Schema Pro is one of the most popular Schema Markup plugins for WordPress in this list. The plugin automates all of your major schema markup needs with ease.

Once you have the Schema pro plugin, you don’t have to do anything extra to implement schema on your site.

Designed and developed by the team of Brainstorm Force, Schema Pro offers a comprehensive schema markup plugin for WordPress.

Here are the Schema types supported by this plugin

  • ​Product Review schema
  • Local Business schema
  • Person schema
  • Recipe schema
  • Article
  • ​Service type
  • Product schema
  • Online Course
  • ​Job Postings
  • ​Book
  • Software Application
  • ​Event
  • Video Object
  • FAQ schema
  • How-to

Getting Started With Schema pro

Once you activate the plugin, you can implement different schema types in just two simple steps.

  • Select Schema Type
  • Set the rule

For example, if you wish to implement how-to schema for your how-to kind of articles. You can select the how-to schema type from the list of available options.


In the next step, you can select your how-to category to apply this schema type. Save these changes and done.


The Schema Pro plugin supports WordPress custom fields (ACF compatible). It is a lightweight, highly optimized plugin.

Price: The plugin offers you two different packages to choose from. The first one is for $79 which will get you access to Schema Pro. And the second is for $249 which will give you access to all the products such as the Astra Pro theme, Convert Pro, and others.

02. WP Review Pro


WP Review, as the name suggests is a popular product review plugin with schema-rich snippets. So, if you are planning to create a product review site, you can use this plugin.

You must have seen those high authority review sites where users can submit their own reviews and rating for any products. You can use the WP Review Pro plugin to create a similar site and allow your users to submit reviews on your site.

The user-based review sites are always popular as genuine users submit the reviews, which makes them trustworthy to the general followers.

WP Review Pro offers rich snippets for a number of unique scheme types. This scheme markup plugin specializes in the review scheme type. 

Creating review cards and templates is also very easy using the WP Review Pro plugin. Also, the plugin includes features to adjust the look of your ratings and reviews. 

The plugin currently offers nineteen different rich schema types. So, it covers almost all scheme types that are popularly available.

It also gives you the option to implement Google reviews, Yelp reviews, or Facebook reviews on your WordPress site to make it more interactive.

You can showcase reviews in a great-looking way on your site using the WP Review Pro plugin. It offers you sixteen different design options to choose from.


Even your visitors will be able to write reviews on your site making your site a lot more interactive.

You can add the star rating option to the WordPress comment section or you can use the comment and rating option provided by this plugin.


Top Features:

  • Designed perfectly for review and ratings 
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • User review and rating option
  • Ready design templates
  • Comprehensive Schema options
  • Clean code
  • Very fast loading

Price: You can get the plugin for 3 sites at a cost of $87 or you can go for the membership option at $99 per year which will give you access to all the MyThemeShop plugins and themes.

03. WordPress SEO Structured Data Schema


This plugin simplifies a lot of different complexities involved in the process of adding structured data and schema to your website. 

The best part here is that you get to use this plugin on multiple different WordPress websites. 

Another interesting feature here is that it can decipher data taken directly from JavaScript code and embedded unique widgets. 

Different Schema Types:

  • Organizations
  • Local Businesses
  • News Articles
  • Blog Postings
  • Events
  • Products
  • Videos
  • Services
  • Reviews
  • Aggregate Ratings
  • Restaurants

Price: Offers you a free version. The pro version is priced at $49 for one site and $99 for five sites.

04. WordPress Review & Structure Data Schema Plugin

WordPress Review & Structure Data Schema Plugin

As the name suggests, this is a plugin created to add various Schema options to your WordPress site. It is a very handy plugin to add a review feature to your website.

You can allow your users to the products and services that you offer on your site. It comes with complete support for the WooCommerce plugin.

So, if you are managing an online store created with WooCommerce, you can allow the buyers to add reviews to the products.

You can add many other details to the reviews such as pros & cons, images, videos, multiple review criteria, etc. So, you can create a complete review site like the top review platforms.

From articles to products, it offers a number of different schema options that you can choose as per your need.

In fact, it will auto-generate schema for your pages, posts, or custom post types as per your selection.

Top Features:

  • Multiple schema options
  • Option to autogenerate schema
  • Manual schema update
  • Comprehensive review options
  • Single or multi-criteria review option
  • WooCommerce support

Price: Free & Paid versions

05. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a free-to-use Gutenberg block plugin that offers a number of very useful blocks that you can use while creating your post or pages.

Blocks such as the Click to Tweet option, table of the content block, call to action block, social share, image slider, and others make this plugin a great solution to add a number of different functionalities with a single plugin.

While we look at the Schema option and the rich snippet option, this plugin comes with a star rating option, a review block option that will help you to add a rich review option to your WordPress site and show the star rating in the search engines.

The review block feature is Schema Markup enabled which will enhance the overall quality of your site. The review block gives you the option to add a perfectly optimized review box to your blog post that you can showcase along with the review parameters and individual ratings for each review parameter.

Here’s how it looks.

Ultimate Blocks

FAQ Schema Block

If you are an active blogger, you probably understand the benefit of FAQ Schema these days. It helps you to display the question and answer in a rich result display in the SERP along with the questions and answers along with other post details.

Here is how it looks in the search results.

FAQ Schema Result

The Ultimate Blocks offers you a Content Toggle (Accordion) Block where you can add FAQs and enable Schema Markup to display the rich result in the SERP.

Please Note: Adding the FAQ Schema doesn’t guarantee a rich result, there are many other factors that influence the FAQ Schema result and search engines decide if they want to display it or not.

Ultimate Blocks

06. WPSSO Core


WPSSO Core is another free WordPress plugin that is developed by JS Morisset. An all-inclusive solution for major SEO and markup needs, WPPSO is packed with a lot of different functionalities.

The plugin allows you to include a lot of different meta tags and schema markup for Facebook and other important platforms, like Google. 

Top Features:

  • Schema rich snippet markup
  • Facebook open graph
  • Twitter card
  • Markup for image and video SEO

Price: Free to download.

07. Schema


Developed by Hesham, Schema is one of the most intuitive WordPress plugins on this list. Schema plugin empowers you to make scheme markups easily and quickly, unparalleled to any other competitor.

With more than 70,000 active users, the plugin supports a number of different schema markups, such as logos, social links, graphs, and so on. 

Top Features:

  • JSON-LD format
  • Simple settings
  • WooCommerce support (premium version)
  • Enable schema type anywhere

08. WP Rich Snippets


One of the most popular and widely used Schema markup and rich snippet review plugins, WP Rich Snippet simplifies the process of adding an optimized review box to your WordPress site. The plugin offers great support for local businesses and online articles. 

With additional functionalities like translation and WooCommerce reviews, WP Rich Snippets is one of the few comprehensive plugins you’ll find on the internet.


Top Features:  

  • Easy to use
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Highly optimized review boxes
  • Anonymous user reviews

09. SNIP


Also known as Rich Snippets, this plugin is another very popular WordPress plugin that helps you in ranking better. 

Rich Snippets plugin also integrates a lot of unique functionalities, such as a number of different schema types and function that allows you to fill posts of default pages, as well as on different posts. 

This plugin takes the structured data implementation one step forward by offering you an option to generate custom structured data. It will help you improve the visibility of your posts to a large extent.


Top Features:

  • Automated structured data markup
  • Structured data generator
  • Implement rich snippets to your articles
  • WooCommerce support

10.  All-In-One Schema Rich Snippet


This is the free version of the Schema Pro plugin that we have listed at the top. It includes a number of different schema types, such as support for movies, postings, music, books, courses, TV episodes, and even recipes. 

All-In-One Schema Rich Snippet also offers a comprehensive solution for all kinds of users. 

Top Features:

  • Free to use
  • Super quick and intuitive
  • Adds rich snippets
  • Simplifies all of your time consuming and tedious tasks

11. Five Star Business Profile and Schema


The Five Star Business Profile and Schema plugin include feature-rich integrations and features for movies, books, games, products, software, and so forth.

This plugin is a go-to solution if you are looking for business profiles, contact pages, and so on. The plugin is incorporated with a lot of support options and updates also.

Top Features: 

  • 10,000+ active installs
  • JSON-LD support
  • Shortcode available 
  • Supports all schema types

12. Schema App Structured Data

Schema App Structured Data

The Schema App Structured Data is a very handy WordPress plugin to improve the overall quality of your articles on the search results page with additional information.

The plugin will help the search engines to understand your content better and improve ranking.

The plugin will automatically add the required structured data for your posts, pages, category pages, author pages. You just need to activate the plugin and add basic information such as logo, site name, etc.

It also gives you the option to customize the schema markup using the settings if you have a proper understanding of what you are doing.

The Schema App Structured Data is a premium plugin and the premium version of the plugin brings in a lot more possibilities when it comes to adding Schema markup.

Top Features: 

  • Offers free version
  • Automatic Schema markup addition
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced premium version
  • Page & Post Review Widget
  • WooCommerce product support


So, that was our list of top schema markup WordPress plugins. You can start with any of the plugins we have mentioned in this list.

The Schema Pro plugin that we have listed as number 1 is by far the most comprehensive option in the list. Though it is a paid plugin, you will get a return for your investment with the kind of features it offers.

Schema Markup allows different search engines to know more about your website and defines what your website is all about. And it will help you to increase the click-through rate of your posts as we mentioned above.

Make sure you choose the best schema markup plugin for your WordPress website. And if this list has missed any of your favorite plugins, then do let us know the same in the comment section below. 

FAQs About Schema Markup Rich Snippet Plugins

Q1. What is Schema Markup? Schema markup ( is structured data that can help search engines to understand your content better and rank them accordingly.
Q2. What is Schema Markup Help to Improve Ranking? Yes, there are multiple studies and research that show that the content with proper Schema markup tends to do better in the search results than the content without the markup.
Q3. What is Rich Snippets? The Rich Snippets is the additional information on the search results page that improves the overall visibility of the result. You might have seen search results with a star rating, content from the table, and other additional information, those are considered as results with Rich Snippets.
Q4. Is It Difficult to Add Schema Markup? Well, it is not. You don’t have to be technically expert to add proper Schema markup in your WordPress site as there are a number of quality plugins that can do it automatically.
Q4. How to Check Schema Markup? You can use the Schema markup validator offered by Google to check if your content has the correct structured data or not.

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